A new way to soak hooves!

New Hoof Soaker

New Hoof Soaker

I parked my trailer on the grass and tied the horses to it, with a hay net. Then I set up a sprinkler next to them, to soak the grass and their hooves. Etta was concerned at first, but soon got over it and they both stood there eating — and then dozing — for a couple of hours.

I managed to get Etta’s two front feet trimmed when who should drive up but Jerry! I told him he must have read my mind — and he graciously finished trimming her. I hope to set that system up again and get Magnum’s feet done in the next day or two.


2 Responses to “A new way to soak hooves!”

  1. Kristi-Lynn Says:

    Great idea! I only have two soaking boots so waiting twenty minutes and trimming two hooves at a time has been a bit of a pain… I think I’ll try your idea – thanks.


    P.S. I found your site through Liz’s blog

  2. equiwolf Says:

    Thanks K-L, for your comment, and good luck trying this out. I’d like to hear how it goes. I have a soaking tube (fiberglass), but it requires a totally flat surface (preferably with a rubber mat), which I don’t have right now. So I had to get creative to get those hard hooves softened up somehow! I also have one pair of soaking boots, too, but they are too small for either horse. Guess I should get them posted online for sale, eh?

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